About me

I’m 20 years of age, I enjoy coding and playing games with my friends.

I often help out friends with their coding problems. If they want to make a game or a small system for a game I tend to offer them help if they get stuck. I also offer my services for a small fee to help people build certain systems within their game/project that they can’t themselves.

I enjoy messing around with code to see what will come of it. I tend to work by myself since it’s alot faster for me and I tend to know what I’m doing then, even if it goes wrong.

The languages I speak are Dutch, English, German.

As with gaming, I’m pretty much playing games when I’m not coding. Most of the “playing” part is also testing out mods that were developed by friends or associates. I give them feedback after the “playing” and then either move on to another game or I simply start to build a mod for a game that I enjoy.

I’ve also been practicing archery in my spare time.

As for pets I have 4 cats which I love and play with alot.

For Music, I tend to listen alot of rock, although I also enjoy a big variety of genres. I don’t tend to stick to just 1 genre and then multiple bands, but more to multiple genres and multiple songs of diffrent bands/groups. I tend to mix songs that I enjoy into my work. So let’s say we just made a simple game, which shows a kind of spooky and scary area. Then I tend to add in more darker music and rock at certain points. But if it’s a medieval game, you could find music such as on the site.

About college

I’ve been following the course “mediadevelopment” for 2 years now. It’s a fun course and I’ve learned alot that I didn’t know before. The thing I enjoy the most is the coding part, I enjoy figuring out how something is build and what line of code has which function. The course also has it’s own student company, this company is known as Innovision Solutions. This student company does the exact same as an actual company, only this student company charges less than an actual company and ofcourse has less expectations than a real one. The student company exists so the student can learn how this branche works in the real world. The students take projects from real companies to craft something for them from scratch or edit an existing website to make it look better. The company is ran by students and is guided by coaches which are also known as our main teachers. These teachers help the students maintain the company.